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Pitch perfect: catching the attention (and business) of new clients

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

When you are first starting out, standing out can be harder than ever. You are probably thinking that there are already too many people doing exactly what you are doing. And that's true, however, it takes one subtle difference to be noticed.

It's not necessarily about differing services or services of the same likeness, but how you execute what you do.

In any pitch that I send out, representing myself as a living, feeling human being comes first. I want my potential clients to know that I realize my disposition and I expect to be treated the way I would treat them whether they work with me or not.

And I believe that is what makes myself different from everybody else. It could potentially hurt me in the long run, maybe it won't.

Capturing the attention of potential clients can be tough and will be tough. Ask yourself, "How can I convey what I can do for them?" Ask yourself, "What is it that makes me different from the rest of the crowd, and how can they know if they won't let me show them?" Bullet list your answers and transfer to your proposal with an off they cannot refuse.

Stay different my friends.

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